O'Reilly Removing Religious Motivation from Norway Bombing

This is a clip of Bill O'Reilly explaining that the Norwegian bomber was in no way a Christian.

Even though he absolutely was! The bomber's manifesto was 1500 pages of Christian Supremacies focused around the Crusades and the purity of Christianity!

Other newscasters are saying the same thing! That because of his actions, the bomber was not a Christian!

This is BS! Firstly Christians, for a very long time, followed the bible as fact and the literal word of God, we refer to this time period as the Dark Ages! Now a days, killing in the name of our religion and oppression of women is taboo if not completely wrong and illegal! My point to this is that committing a cruel act in the name of you religion does not exclude you form that religion, however much others may wish it did.

We (as Americans) do not treat other beliefs like this. Imagine labeling Islamic extremist bombers, not Islamic because they killed innocent people!

This is a blatant attempt at keeping your Christian religion 'holly' and above the rest! You can not pick and choose deeds done in the name of you religion anymore than you can pick and choose sections of your Holly book, and ignore the rest!

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